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Podcasting is establishing itself as a successful business practice. It’s a great way to build brand, it opens a two-way conversation with customers, allows quick reaction to news & events and it barely scratches the budget. You’d almost be foolish not to adopt it… but things move quickly on the web. Videocasting is up-and-coming, offers many of the same benefits of podcasting and delivers a bigger punch. Or does it?

What are the benefits of videocasting over podcasting? What are the benefits of both over more traditional PR avenues? WebProNews had the opportunity to attend a panel of professional podcasters / videocasters at the PPME 2006 addressing these and other issues. Join John Furrier and Robert Scoble of PodTech, Jeff Nolan of Teqlo and Bill Kircos from Intel to learn about podcasting power and how it can offer innovative branding for your company.

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