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Rand Fishkin, Lee Odden, Todd Malicoat – three of the more influential names in the SEO world – took out time to chat with Mike McDonald of WebProNews at last week’s PubCon about some of the important aspects of search engine optimization and marketing that webmasters may not always bear in mind when tailoring their sites and landing pages.

Growing a natural link pattern is important to maintaining a positive search ranking and avoiding costly penalties. This knowledgeable panel points out that obtaining a natural, organic pattern of linkage requires more than just a simple assertion of “good links” vs. “bad links” to your site. Social media is also becoming a driving force in generating an increasing volume of links. Lastly, webmasters need to be mindful of the true issues when it comes to SEO/SEM and not focus so much of their time on concerns that aren”t as important in the long run.

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