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Greg Jarboe. President and co-founder of SEO-PR, has years of experience when it comes to writing optimized press releases for news search engines, as well as managing PR for tech and web companies across the United States. Greg took out time to talk with Mike McDonald of WebProNews at PubCon, filling us in on an interesting proposition he has for several prominent bloggers to consider.

Lee Odden, Rand Fishkin, Andy Beal and Barry Schwartz were members of a PubCon panel who eagerly volunteered when Jarboe threw down the blogging gauntlet. As metrics play such a vital role in search marketing, Greg challenged bloggers to consider not only the content of their respective blogs, but the style in which the content is presented. Would readers respond more favorable to information presented in a straight up news style, how-to instructions, or simply opinion-based commentary? Greg and WebProNews are both itching to find out.

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