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There are multiple methods for capturing data about your company’s website, but interpreting that data and subsequently implementing the results into a feasible business/marketing strategy can present quite a challenge. Michael Stebbins, VP of Marketing for ClickTracks, talks with Mike McDonald of WebProNews at PubCon about the significance of metrics and analytics in pushing onward toward Web 2.0.

The practice of metrical analysis in the early days of the web was primarily aimed at gauging raw numbers such as hits, clicks, page views, etc. As the Internet (and online marketing by extension) continues to develop, it becomes pertinent to not only gauge the volume of traffic to a business site but also to use analytical tools to interpret user intent. For example, measuring the time the user spent on the company website, correlated with the search term that brought the traffic originally, could provide webmasters and marketers with insight into the perceived contextual relevancy of their ad placement and landing page content.

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