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Todd Malicoat is an independent marketing consultant, focusing on SEO and Internet marketing since 2001. He is also a moderator of the Professional Webmaster Business Issues forum at WebmasterWorld. While in Las Vegas at PubCon, Todd got together with Mike McDonald of WebProNews to talk a little SEO, specifically focusing on the impact of social media as a vehicle to generate traffic.

Digg is increasingly becoming a social media portal that SEOs are going to have to acknowledge as an opportunity to generate links, drive traffic, and increase search rankings. The Digg community is intelligent, so content quality is a major factor in obtaining links, but from a marketing point of view, attention-grabbing titles are equally as vital. Todd also talks briefly a1bout paid blogging, the potential ramifications of services such as PayPerPost and ReviewMe, and how the dilemma of editorial ethics is not unique to just the blogosphere.

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