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As part of his announcement in parting with Search Engine Watch, Danny Sullivan had this to say, “Whatever I do, I’ve tried to make it a hallmark to always to be inclusive of content, people, web sites or organizations that will help my readers, even if I might technically be competing with them. Whatever I end up doing, you can expect I’ll still be pointing at Search Engine Watch as appropriate and wish those that remain a part of it the very best.”

At the 2006 Search Engine Strategies in Chicago (helmed by Danny himself), WebProNews had the opportunity to speak with ClickZ’s Rebecca Lieb. In her recently announced role as the new Editor-in-Chief of SearchEngineWatch she’ll be helming the site, but was quick to point out; “I’m not the new Danny Sullivan.”

Then what’s to become of Search Engine Watch? or even Search Engine Strategies? Lieb doesn’t seem to be sweating the future. “Change happens and you deal with it. We’re going to keep publishing… keep being good and hopefully get better one of these days.” A strong effort is already being made, as recruitment is currently underway to build on the core staff who remain.

On the transition, Lieb assures us that “It could not be more amicable. This isn’t Hollywood, this is search, everybody pretty much likes everybody else.” This seems to echo Danny’s aforementioned comment about being inclusive of “competitor’s” useful content. Thus, (in spirit) it wouldn’t appear that Search Engine Land is poised to compete with Search Engine Watch.

Though Chris Sherman is leaving along with Danny, they’ve committed to operating Search Engine Strategies for an additional year (possibly three in Sherman’s case) in addition to a new conference sponsored by Search Engine Land.

WebProNews wishes the best to Danny, Chris and Rebecca in their new ventures and positions.

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