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Speaking on research which states that only half of SEMs use analytics, SearchEnginePosition‘s Rob Sullivan exclaims “Why, in this day and age, are there still search marketers who aren’t measuring return? I gotta say: Come on people!” Let’s extend that to anyone… not just search marketers (where the need is, perhaps, a bit more obvious). “Come on people!”

In an interview with WebProNews, SEO-PR‘s co-founder, Greg Jarboe has this to say about the importance of analytics; “If you don’t know where your leads are coming from… God bless you, good luck, write me when you get work. It’s like anything else, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

Who can argue? Perhaps, truer words had not been uttered during the whole of 2006’s SES? Yet, we know for certain that some exist who don’t measure. Is it budgetary? Not likely. Even cursory knowledge of Google’s services reveals the existence of free analytics. Maybe it has something to do with awareness? Doubtful. Analytics services are rampant, as are their advertisements across relevant websites.

So, what’s up? “Come on people!”

Jarboe leaves us with this strong call to action;

“Get started wherever you can… start measuring… and move as fast as you can to measure more. It’s marketing insight. There’s a lot of conventional wisdom out there that is dead wrong…. and you don’t know until you look at the data.”

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