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Fans of Digg have more topics to dig into today. After what Digg’s Owen Byrne described as “tons of stories submitted” and “countless
requests” for these new topics, the site has added two for Diggers to enjoy. A ‘US Elections 2008’ topic is now part of Digg’s ‘World and Business’ category, while ‘Microsoft’ has a dedicated topic under ‘Technology’. Politics and technology have been extremely popular subjects for websites and blogs for years, with both of these topics discussed regularly in the news.

Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has never authorized the publication of her books in electronic format. On eBay’s India site, such books have been selling in auctions, but an unprecedented court order will force eBay to police itself for them and delete them from its site. EBay has always claimed it is not responsible for the auctions people conduct, but the court disagreed. A lawyer for Rowling in India told the Times Online that the injunction, which lasts until a new hearing on May 23rd, could set the stage for many similar cases to follow. Tiffany and Christian Dior in separate cases also want eBay to actively watch for auctions of counterfeit items bearing their brands too.

Ask.com is going on the road with MTV. ‘Road Rules 2007: Viewer’s Revenge’ has Ask as its official search engine partner, and will offer people a shot at winning a place with the Road Rules crew on the road. A trivia contest being run by Ask and MTV will call on people to search for answers to contest questions on Ask and submit them each week. Ask also hinted on further promotions within Road Rules, noting on their blog that Ask could ‘pop up on the show’ when you least expect to see them. Ask.com has used TV advertising before, as the company tries to rise above a US search market share of just over five percent by building brand awareness.

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