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Myspace announced an affiliation with Audible Magic to acknowledge and examine uploaded videos for copyrighted content. Myspace already authorizes audio fingerprinting technology from Audible. The new video fingerprinting makes Myspace the largest video site to present copyright owners that defense. This Myspace move came after Viacom demanded YouTube remove more than 100-thousand videos. Myspace CEO and co-founder Chris DeWolfe wants to shelter Myspace users.

“MySpace is dedicated to ensuring that content owners, whether large or small, can both promote and protect their content in our community. For MySpace, video filtering is about protecting artists and the work they create.”
Myspace has also created a content takedown tool to make it more accessible and practical for copyright owners to ask for removal of any unauthorized content.

Audible Magic CEO Vance Ikezoye says that any site offering protection will have a better chance of succeeding in the online video world.
“With the explosive growth and popularity of MySpace, the recognition and filtering of copyrights will play an important role in its ongoing success.”

Myspace flies forward in front of YouTube to find and prevent copyright-protected videos. Google CEO Eric Schmidt stated in a conference call that YouTube would make changes soon, but gave no deadline.

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