Dell Survey On Linux, Google May Be Softening Stance, MySpace News Beta ()

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Dell may be listening to its customers who want the Linux operating system as a pre-installed option. Thousands of visitors to Dell’s IdeaStorm website asked for that choice, and Dell has followed up by posting a survey that asks how people would want to have Linux delivered on its hardware.

Long-time YouTube critic Mark Cuban weighed in with an opinion on Viacom’s billion-dollar lawsuit against the video sharing site and its owner, Google. Cuban said in a post at his Blog Maverick site that he hopes the lawsuit is not just a negotiating ploy. He sees no downside for Viacom and expects many more suits to follow Viacom’s action.

Google may be softening its stance on net neutrality. GigaOM writer Drew Clark cited recent comments made by Google senior policy counsel
Andrew McLaughlin that ran counter to Google’s publicly stated opposition to quality of service agreements. Although Google distanced themselves from McLaughlin’s comments by calling them his “personal view,” Google did sign an exclusive contract with Verizon to carry YouTube videos in November 2006.

Rumors of a MySpace News site have gained more credibility. Screenshots of the news portal at the social networking site were leaked to Wired News in the form of a sales document. The leaked data discussed how the site will be structured, but a launch date was not included. Previous rumors stated the launch would happen sometime in the second quarter of 2007.

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