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Does paid search have an affect on organic search engine rankings? Google CPG Blog’s Susan Minniear comments on endorsing paid search. Minniear outlines four reasons for companies to invest in paid search: Control, Competition, ROI and the more the better. Paid advertisements let you manage your message more. Hitwise statistics explain if you don’t use paid search to make the most of your brand, the competition probably will. EMarketer statistics show the conversion rate for brand keywords seems almost four times higher than for no-brand keywords. Minnier adds the more ads the better.

Microsoft announced plans to purchase health search engine Medstory works towards filling the needs of customers and health professionals who look for information on medical topics. Search Insider’s Mark Simon imagines Microsoft moving forward to triumph in the search wars. Simon thinks Microsoft has landed a huge advantage in the health market with the vertical search engine Medstory.

The world’s largest video search engine Blinkx teamed up with to include user-generated video content to search indexing. Blinkx has developed a reputation for complete video searching. permits anyone with a video camera to distribute his or her video clips online and make money while doing it. Blinkx plans on indexing more than four thousand video clips to make them more crawlable.

Michael Alan Crooker sues Microsoft for failing to hide porn. The FBI invaded Crooker’s home in 2004 to look for homemade explosives. The FBI took his laptop to analyze data and discovered a variety of porn. Crooker seeks compensatory and punitive damages from breeches in data security, because he set Internet Explorer to delete his browsing history after five days and Crooker claims the software failed to do so.

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