Podcasting gains listenership, Viacom demands Colbert parody removed, Fans may pay for Rocketboom ()

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Podcasting made a very slight gain in listenership according to Edison Media Research. Arbitron research found that 13 percent of the twelve and up population listen to audio podcasts in 2007, where only eleven percent listened in 2006. More people have heard of podcasts, but Edison’s Tom Webster said many people mistakenly think they need an iPod or MP3 player to listen to them.

Viacom demanded that YouTube remove a Stephen Colbert parody video created by MoveOn.org, and that has led to a free speech court battle. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has asked a federal court to dismiss copyright infringement claims brought by Viacom against MoveOn and the makers of the video, which includes clips of Colbert in its parody of his show and MoveOn’s activism.

Rocketboom fans may have to pay to see Joanne Colan, now that show co-creator Andrew Baron has told Marketwatch that advertising isn’t working out as he would like. No decision has been made, but Baron said advertisers “are just not happy to do small deals” like Rocketboom has been doing. Baron also noted that the site earns secondary income for consulting work and conference appearances.

When Google holds its upcoming election for members of its board, Michael Moritz won’t be on the list of candidates. Google announced that Moritz, a member of Google’s board since 1999 and a driving force at Sequoia Capital, has chosen to spend more time tending to the growing demands of Sequoia’s business. “Mike’s many contributions to Google over the years as investor and director helped us immensely,” Google CEO Eric Schmidt said in a statement about the news.

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