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Microsoft’s main search executive, Christopher Payne, won’t be leading the charge against Google any more. He’s leaving Microsoft to launch a new technology startup. Microsoft has lost search market share to Google and Yahoo during his tenure. Microsoft’s stagnant movement in search market share, depriving it of greater search ad business, likely contributed to the recent departure of its top search executive.

Internet advertising revenue reached sixteen point eight billion dollars during 2006. The fourth quarter of 2006 was the highest quarter ever, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau;revenues for that period were just under four point eight billion. IAB CEO and President, Randall Rothenberg stated, “The continued growth in Interactive advertising is clearly based on marketers’ recognition that they connect with consumers most effectively through Interactive media. The increase underscores marketers’ understanding that Interactive advertising can engage consumers, build brands and sell products and services.”

Mike Arrington at TechCrunch reported that blog ad firm Federated Media was raising money and looking for a buyer. John Battelle later commented that neither statement was true, although like any startup, a future sale could take place. Apparently advertising is booming on blogs too! Accoding to Arrington Federated Media projects $30 million in sales and “several million dollars” in profit in 2007.

YouTube fans in Turkey will not be able to reach the video-sharing site. A Turkish court ordered the country’s biggest telecom to block access to YouTube after videos insulting the founding father of Turkey appeared on the site. Turkish media notes the ongoing “virtual war” between Turkish and Greek site visitors. Insulting videos seems to be a standard method of attack. The video implied that the Turkey founder was gay. Insulting Ataturk is called Turkishness and is a crime punishable by prison.

Wikipedia will still allow contributors to be anonymous. But after a prominent editor who claimed to be a theology professor in a New Yorker magazine interview proved to be a college dropout, Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales said the website will require people to document the professional expertise they claim to have. Twenty four year old Ryan Jordan, was exposed as a dropout from Lexington Community College .. which by the way is only 5 minutes from WebProNews headquarters in Lexington KY.

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