Yahoo Launches oneSearch, Amanda Congdon and DuPont, Google Phone Remerges ()

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Yahoo launched its oneSearch for mobile phone users in the US. Yahoo’s Marco Boerries said in a post on Yahoo’s official blog that “2007 will be the tipping point for mobile Internet services.” Their oneSearch service has been designed to quickly serve up search results for local businesses, Flickr photos, and other information on the mobile platform.

Video blogger Amanda Congdon is the centerpiece of a new series of video ads by DuPont. The short documentary type videos called ‘DuPont Science Stories’ describe products using DuPont materials like Kevlar and Nomex. Forrester’s Josh Bernoff praised DuPont for not trying to deceive people by taking a fake grassroots approach with their promotional efforts.

Another account of the Google phone has emerged, this time from their representatives who talked about it during the CeBit show in Germany. The Times Online cited Nomura researcher Richard Windsor, who said the in-development Google phone “is not going to be a high-end device but a mass market device aimed at bringing Google to users who don’t have a PC.”

Google is ranking your blog on a combination of relevance and quality scores. ‘SEO by the Sea’ blogger Bill Slawski reviewed a patent filing by Google regarding blog ranking, and found that Google Blog Search looks at several positive and negative factors that could affect quality scores. One interesting point from the application: Google thinks one component of all blogs is the presence of a blogroll on the site.

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