Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz Interviews Google's Vanessa Fox ()

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Google’s Vanessa Fox agreed to an interview with Webpronews’ Mike McDonald at the SES conference in New York, and guess who didn’t show up this time. And since Rand Fishkin of seomoz.org already proved that video interviews were so easy a caveman could do it, Mike got his absent revenge and Rand got another shot at pinning her down that is on Webmaster issues.

Rand brings up some great questions, and Vanessa has some great answers. One of the most useful tips is deep into the video, so it’s a good idea to highlight it here.

The burning question: When a webmaster moves an entire site, what’s the best way to handle the dip in the search engine rankings while that transition is made?

The common sense answer: Fox stressed that it was a bad idea to simultaneously move a website to a new domain and redesign the whole thing. Instead, she says, take the pages from your old site and put them on your new site exactly as they are. Redirect the pages one at a time, carefully mapping on a one-to-one basis.

We will continue to bring more live coverage from the SES conference in New York.

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