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Blogging has been defined as a bearing to your soul. That is exactly what the product manager of Google’s Webmaster Central wanted to do when Vanessa Fox created her blogging site. Since she enjoys writing and blogging, she decided to create an experimental site. Her site is entitled In an interview with Webpronews at the SES conference, Fox told us that she created the site because Dave Naylor was ranking for “vanessafoxnude,” and she thought if anyone was going to rank, it should be her. Fox assures us that the name has nothing to do with her being nude.

On a more serious note, Google’s Webmaster Tools is working on a lot of new progressions. For starters, users want to know how to look back at data. According to Fox, the summary page updates every time the home page is accessed; therefore, it constantly updates. The home page is on the summary page so that, if a problem arises in accessing it, the error will show up on the summary page. In many situations, when there is a problem with the home page, there is also a problem with the entire site. Web crawlers are another means of refreshing data. They refresh daily and show the last two week’s worth of data. Query stats is another, and they show the previous week’s worth of data. Webmasters sometimes get confused because they forget that query stats doesn’t show the current week’s data. Backlink data updates once a month. The newest data refresher is anchor phrases.

Google’s Webmaster Central is pushing to enhance the communication both between the webmasters and Google. As a part of this progression, Google has incorporated discussion groups in which webmasters and Googlers can both give input and receive information back. Up to this point, Google has only had international versions of discussion groups. Monitoring Googlers have not been present in them until the recent addition of them this month. Google hopes these endeavors will strengthen the discussion groups and encourage more international posts.

In order to continue to increase this communication process, Google also wants to expand by looking at different avenues to communicate with webmasters other than just with groups. As a result of this move, they have hired a webmaster trans-analyst that will look at feedback, examine growing trends, and see what the main priorities are. The only catch with this expansion process is the experiments have to be scalable.

Although she could not comment on any specifics, Fox did hint to us that 2007 would continue to bring a lot of exciting things to Webmaster Central and Google. According to Fox, they are excited about their solid foundation, but want it to continue to grow and flourish.

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