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The topic of forums raises a lot of issues. Because a certain amount of risk is involved with forums, it brings up a credibility issue. In an interview with WebProNews at the SES conference, Robert Garcia of WebProWorld, talks with us about forums. Being a forum user himself, Garcia has a lot to say about forums. He is in favor of them, but he does offer mindful advice to users.

Garcia got his “big break” in our very own WebProWorld forums. WebProWorld includes forums for eBusiness, technology, and Web professionals. They are designed to initiate a common bond among subscribers in a way that allows them to connect with each other and share information. Garcia began by posting a site review. As a result, he gained valuable information and was able to improve his site immensely.

Garcia has a few recommendations for first-time forum users. He suggests watching and waiting in order to see all the comments, before taking part in the discussion. Utilize the search engines on places such as WebProWorld and Google. If a discussion hasn’t been started on a topic, start one and cover all the bases. Thoroughly research your topic and relay your information in an understandable manner. Be careful not to be rude when entering a forum. Look for an inconspicuous way to incorporate your information.

Experience is key when deciding on whom to listen to. Check your sources and check their sources. Some may be more knowledgeable on the topic than others. SEO and search marketing is neither black nor white, there’s a lot no one knows for certain. People speak from their own experiences or the experiences of others. According to Garcia, you should take other opinions and bring them all together with your own, and then present it.

Garcia credits WebProWorld for the launch of his career. He considers forums to be a valuable resource, especially for new people. As a result of forums, Garcia is now in a position in which people ask his advice and hold it as an authority.

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