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Just when we thought we saw everything from the SES conference, out pops another surprise. We’ll let you be the judge as to whether it’s a good surprise or a bad surprise. Okay, are you ready? We have exclusive video footage of Jeremy Shoemoney blogging in a bathtub! To make matters worse or better our very own Webpronews correspondent, Allan Dick of Vintage Tub & Bath is talking to him about the ethics of blogging!

The ethical advice that Shoemoney offers from his bathtub, don’t forget, is that bloggers should site their source and not simply refer to other people’s opinions and content. Shoemoney also mentioned, from his “relaxed state” that bloggers should be very opinionated and not pamper to the search engine’s needs.

From his newfound home, Shoemoney reported to Dick that since the “purchase” of his Clawfoot tub, his “income has increased dramatically.” He believes this income increase is most likely related to the “intelligent enhancement” that his Clawfoot has brought him.

Now doesn’t that make everyone want to go out and buy a Clawfoot bathtub? I promise this isn’t a promotional effort from Vintage Tub & Bath, but you have to admit the “dramatic income increase” is pretty convincing.

Wow, SES keeps getting better and better. Can’t wait to see what we can learn from the next one.

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