PubCon: How to Buy Links without Getting in Trouble (4:50)

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Link buying has been a touchy subject for quite some time. Obtaining links the natural way is ideal, but sometimes link buying is necessary in order to get your business recognized. It’s challenging since Google frowns upon the practice.

Google doesn’t approve of a cash exchange type of purchase, but an indirect approach is accepted. Buying indirectly helps you to get a good link but with a low risk. Your link campaign should strive for a variety of links.

Look for directory links, industry-specific links, and links from people you have done business with in the past. In the above WPN video, Aaron Wall of SEO Book says to stay away from obvious (direct) links since they are high risk.

A few examples of how to obtain indirect links are: testimonials, conferences, and charity events. Testimonials help to build credibility. If a very respected company writes a testimonial for you, it will draw positive attention to you and even business.

Conferences are another good resource for gaining links. There are unbelievable networking opportunities at these events. Having a booth at these events with your business cards readily available can also lead to indirect links.

Being involved in charity events reflect very well on your brand image. It’s also nearly impossible to bring into disrepute a link that was obtained by supporting charity.

To learn more about purchasing indirect links, check out this post from Aaron Wall.

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