PubCon: Making Your Social Media Campaign Work (8:59)

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Social media has taken over. Honestly, everyone is using it now and not simply for social reasons. Companies now realize how powerful it is for raising brand awareness and engaging with customers. But a lot of money can be lost if a social media campaign is not efficiently conducted.

When you begin your social media campaign, make sure your viral content is relevant so customers can immediately associate it with your brand. Also, work closely with the search team in order for potential customers to be able to find you in their searches.

Just as Eric Enge emphasized in his WPN interview, have a specific goal for your campaign and stick with it. Understand that you can’t just abandon your campaign if it isn’t working. It will almost definitely need adjusting and you need to be prepared in advance.

Your ultimate goal with these efforts is profitability. If you remain invisible to your customers, you will not bring in revenue. In the above WPN video, Vanessa Fox of Nine By Blue, stresses the importance of having an “obvious” call to action.

Once you’ve positioned yourself, don’t throw your efforts away by hiding your call to action. Make it simple but prominent, so customers can complete their transaction and you can gain your profit.

This is a lot to take in, but don’t get discouraged before you start your social media campaign. Simply research and know your audience and have a solid plan before you launch your campaign.

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