Election 2008: Setting the Bar (5:33)

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It’s hard to believe this election season is finally drawing to a close. For some, Election Day will be the end of the road; for others, it will be just the beginning.

This election period has made history in several different areas. We’re not going to rehash all of them since media outlets have already outdone themselves covering that aspect of the election. However, the impact of the Internet and technology in this election is something worth discussing.

Ron Paul’s enormous presence online will never be forgotten. Nor will Barack Obama’s move of alerting his supporters of his running mate via text message and email. And the very day John McCain announced that he was putting together a committee and considering running for President, the Senator had search ads running.

There is no doubt that the Presidential campaigns set the precedent for all other campaigns. Mindy Finn, the former Director of e-Strategy for Mitt Romney 2008 and who currently blogs for TheNextRight.com, takes this observation a step further and says the Presidential campaigns are expected to set a high standard for others to follow. The Presidential campaigns have large staffs of experienced members working to incorporate the latest and most effective tactics.

It will be interesting to see how future campaigns are conducted. Whatever the outcome may be at the polls, this election period has shown us that people are grasping the power of the Internet and social media and are finally allowing them to become mainstream.

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