PubCon: Building Your Social Media Profile (5:39)

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If you haven’t jumped onto the social media bandwagon, you had better get on or you’ll fall behind. Most people are active on at least one social media site, if not several, because they realize the benefits of it.

The problem is that people seem to neglect building their profile. Brent Csutoras in the above video discusses the importance of developing your profile since it is the first thing others look at to find out about you. A person trying to research you will look at your interests, groups, beliefs, and your activities before pursuing you for business purposes.

Todd Malicoat of, says there are two factors you should focus on when building your profile:

1.    Getting great friends
2.    Getting great content

Todd also adds that you should have a fast RSS reader to submit stories to and strive to be the first to release a story.

The two areas that Brent emphasizes are:

1.    Your actual profile
2.    Your activity

To further explain your actual profile, people want to have a current understanding of you, so have a recent picture and description posted. As for your activity, people will be looking to see how active you are and what you’re active in.

I think Chris Winfield best sums up what Todd and Brent are trying to say: “Don’t forget the social part in social media.”

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