SES Chicago: Profitable Opportunities for CPG Marketers (5:01)

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Although search is more “mainstream” than it has ever been, consumer-packaged-goods marketers aren’t fully taking advantage of their excessive opportunities. Clicks used to be about branded search and paid search, but recent ComScore research shows a tremendous growth in organic search thus emphasizing organic as the best strategy for CPG marketers.

As search engines become more sophisticated, so do the searchers. In the above video from SES Chicago, Eli Goodman, Search Evangelist for ComScore, says 73 percent of searchers areĀ  now becoming more specific with their search queries and are looking for information and help. Although these observations strengthen a paid strategy, ComScore is seeing a shift in traffic to social media enhancers such as Yahoo! Answers, Google Blogger, and

To make the search experience more sophisticated for the user, the CPG sites need to cater to those early on in the purchase process instead of only focusing on product details and where to buy. Users want and need the opportunity to ask questions and have those questions answered.

If searchers have a positive user experience, then they will become repeat customers. Another perk with a producing a positive user experience is getting effective word-of-mouth promotion in return.

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