SES Chicago: The Importance of Executing a Campaign (5:32)

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Out of all the people we talk to about any campaign whether it is marketing, SEO, PPC, or whatever else, they all tell us to set goals and keep those goals in mind throughout the entire campaign. While that is very true, Todd Friesen in the above video explains how more times than not, that goal seems to override the execution of your campaign.

Ultimately, everyone’s goal is to make more money. Depending on what you do, that goal could be met by selling more products, obtaining more subscribers to your newsletter, gaining more advertisers, or any number of reasons. The irony of the issue is that in many cases, you could actually exceed your goal if your plan is properly executed.

Todd points out that 99 percent of the time, internal implementation is the problem since marketers do not calculate the time it takes for the IT department to carry out the campaign. If you are using an agency, a pay-per-click campaign is easier to execute because the client is only responsible for their landing page.

Once your campaign is in proper motion, another issue you cannot leave out is the measurement. Todd says, “The only real measure of success is dollars in the bank.”

You are not showing yourself any favors if you go to the trouble of executing a plan and then fail to measure your progress. How will you know if you’re successful and if you’ve met your goals? How will you know what to change next time to make it work better? The bottom line is that you will not know these answers unless you measure.

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