CES 2009: CyWee Debuts 3-D Motion-Sensor Controller (2:07)

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CyWee Group Ltd. revealed a device at CES 2009 that is a combination between a gaming remote and a 3-D mouse called the CyWee Z. The China based company is the first in the world to make use of 2-axies gyro technology for true 1:1 response.

The device connects to a PC by plugging into a wireless USB key thus giving users computer navigation capabilities in a 3-D space. As a gaming device, it can be used like a classic Wii remote or similar to a gun complete with a trigger underneath for games in which you shoot things.

The device offers four modes of play in a single controller. Also, the gadget can be held on either end and the controls operate just as they would for games such as Mario Cart. Equipped with a Software Developer Kit (SDK), the CyWee Z allows users to configure their personal PC or online games to their liking. The remote cannot however, be used with a Wii or any console games.

The company is striving to make the digital experience more real and interactive. The controller comes with three PC games including Virtual Tennis 3 from SEGA, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 by EA Sports, and Crashday by Atari. The product is currently retailing in the U.S. for $120.

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