CES 2009: Intel Embraces Learning with Classmate PCs (3:31)

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Intel featured a variety of products at CES 2009 including a line of learning devices. Intel Learning Series is designed specifically for the educational market. The company conducted research to understand how children interact with technology and how to incorporate technology into the classroom.

The Learning Series consists of two designs: Intel-powered clamshell classmate PC and Intel-powered convertible classmate PC. Clamshell classmate PCs have a sturdy, durable drop-proof construction design. They are easy to maneuver since they are lightweight and have a carrying handle. Clamshell classmate PCs also have traditional laptop form factor and include water-resistant keyboards.

The convertible classmate PC includes all that the clamshell has to offer but has a convertible tablet with touchscreen as well. The screen actually swivels 180 degrees. The convertible classmate PC runs on Intel’s Atom processor just as the clamshell does. Another special feature of the convertible classmate PC is called “palm rejection” because users can rest their hand on the touchscreen while the PC is in tablet mode and the screen will not acknowledge the palm’s pressure. Both classmate PCs are equipped with built-in cameras.

As part of its Learning Series, Intel revealed its initiative of working with vendors worldwide to make sure there are educational software, hardware, and services in various countries. Intel plans to work with local developers to create customized versions of the Classmate PC for specific local needs.

Lila Ibrahim, General Manager of Intel’s emerging-markets platform group said this about the effort:

“Our involvement with software and hardware developers ensures that the Intel Learning Series is culturally relevant, sustainable and supports local economies. Through the Intel Learning Series, we are gathering the great minds and experiences of the IT industry to create a fun and rewarding environment for the students to learn and develop the skills they need in the 21st century.”

Both Classmate PCs are available now. For more information on the product, visit www.classmatepc.com.

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