Facebook, Google, and Reputation Management (4:56)

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Dave Naylor is an interesting guy with his share of opinions. And with more than a decade of SEO experience, he has obtained the status of an authority in the industry. In this video, Dave voices his opinions about Facebook Connect, Google, Google SearchWiki, and his expectations for 2009.

The first topic I asked Dave about was Facebook Connect. He blogged about the topic and brought up the privacy issues it raises. The service enables Facebook users to “connect” their account with other sites in their network. Users have access to their friend’s activities on those sites as well. Dave points out that while this service attracts online advertisers, it still raises many spam and privacy concerns.

“There’s no such thing as privacy on the Net anymore.”

Topic #2 involved Google and their search results editing tool, SearchWiki. To experiment with the new editing tool, Dave set up an account and changed his name to Matt Cutts. Using that particular nickname, he went into Google’s results and gave his own website an impressive review. This action proves that SearchWiki does not have clear limitations or guidelines.

From a reputation management standpoint, this tool could be deadly. It is easy to set up an account and if competitors utilize the tool, the results could be very unfortunate for some companies. Google has not yet created a means for discerning the good comments from the bad.

When asked if he thought Google would soon amend the tool, Dave responded with:

“They’re Google – they do whatever they want.”

Topic #3 and the last main topic, revolved around Dave’s expectations for 2009. Sharing the same opinion as many others, Dave expresses his belief of seeing much more with Google in personalization and its impact on search results. Dave describes a wish of his that Google would roll out a link posting tool that would eliminate backlinks. Other expectations include more integration and date stamping on blogs.

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