SES Chicago: Optimized Site Vs. Search Friendly Site (10:25)

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Everyone wants both an optimized website and a search friendly website, but it seems that most sites lean either one way or the other. What comes first – optimization or search friendliness? In this video, Chris Boggs of Rosetta (formerly Brulant) explains how realizing that there is a difference between optimizing a site and making it search friendly is the main problem behind the misunderstanding of this topic.

“It’s easy to optimize the site, but you have to make it search friendly – big difference.”

Making your website search friendly is actually the first step. Your url needs to be search friendly. If you are a marketer, you need to work closely with the IT department on joint goals and strategies.

Secondly, work on optimization. Remember that optimization is an ongoing process and it usually takes a lot of time and money. As you add content to your site, you will need to continue to optimize each entry or item that you add.

If you really are trying to successfully optimize your site and are spending a lot of money and time, you also need to have unique content. Good content is essential because you want your customer to be able to take action easily. If your optimization and search friendly efforts pay off and you get people to your site, you want your content to be good enough to keep them there.

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