SMX West: Time Management Tips for Search Marketers (5:22)

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Search marketers understand the trite expression “time flies” all to well. David Wallace of SearchRank especially relates to this since he writes for 7 blogs, runs a full-service SEM firm, manages employees, deals with clients, and is very active on Twitter and social media. Sound familiar to anyone? In this video, David explains how he manages his responsibilities to maximize productivity.

David suggests having a routine. Before you write a routine off completely since you travel frequently or have timely projects, understand that sometimes a routine has to be altered or modified and that it is okay. Overall, a routine helps to keep order of the responsibilities.

Because email can be a bear, David recommends putting it at the beginning of your routine. Get rid of spam first, and then answer emails that only require short responses. Keep only the pending emails and refer to them at a later time.

Categories are very important for email. Be efficient when setting them up. If you write news-related items, categories could help you determine what story is time-sensitive and what is not.

Twitter management comes next. David says to look for direct messages first and take care of them. Don’t try to follow everyone because not only would that be impossible, but it would also greatly reduce your productivity level.

So, is social media beneficial or a time waster? It can be both. You obviously want to strive to benefit from your social media efforts. The biggest time issue with social media is finding which sites work best for your content. Once you find that “fit,” the benefits will start pouring in.

Lastly, David introduces us to a concept he has been implementing at SearchRank for the past several months. The idea is to have all work completed by a certain day each month. The time remaining is reserved for internal projects, planning, development, and anything else you need to catch up on. Sounds like a great plan, huh?

Now get back to whatever you were doing because I would hate to prevent your productivity! 🙂

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