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SMX West devoted an entire day to in house SEO efforts. Many companies are bringing SEO in house because they are finding it is more cost-effective in this economy. WebProNews talks to Jessica Bowman in this video about the lifecycle that goes along with starting SEO in house.

Jessica relates the lifecycle of in house SEO to that of a marriage. It begins with a courtship or recruiting phase. This is the phase in which the SEO department is formed. The SEO team may be comprised of people from other departments as well as new recruits.

Just like a marriage, after courtship comes the honeymoon. During this phase, everyone is excited and willing to work. SEO is new and cool and everyone wants to be a part of it. Unfortunately, this phase doesn’t last forever. Reality settles in eventually.

Jessica refers to this phase as the “upside down bell curve.” The excitement vanishes here and the SEOs face a lot of opposition. SEO requires a lot of change and that change is ongoing. Other departments usually have difficulty adjusting to those developments.

To prevent this phase from destroying all your SEO efforts, Jessica advises companies to take advantage of the honeymoon phase. While everyone is still getting along, introduce as many new ideas and changes as possible. The company will be more receptive at this time.

Make SEO a normal part of business proceedings, so the efforts appear to be for the company as a whole instead of a small group within the company. Lastly, educate the company regularly on SEO to ensure a continuous in house SEO department.

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