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WebProNews has emphasized the importance of keyword research many times. In order to reiterate its power and to share some new offerings from Google, we interviewed Frederick Vallaeys, the AdWords Evangelist for Google.

In this video from SES NY, Frederick first discusses a new tool called the Search-based Keyword Tool. Frederick calls it the recession tool because “it allows you to do more with less.” Specifically, the tool looks at Google’s organic data and determines new advertising opportunities for your AdWords campaigns.

The tool gives you the keyword and the destination url for the keyword. Using that data, you can apply it to your ad groups based on your landing pages and then add it into your accounts. From there, you can monetize the keywords that weren’t performing to their full potential.

This Search-based Keyword Tool is the first time Google has used its organic data in this way. Because there is so much data, you will be able to find missed opportunities. The tool also helps long tail efforts.

In addition, Frederick highlighted the new interface for AdWords. He is quick to point out that “there’s nothing changing on the backend.” There will be no changes in the way the ads run or in the pricing structure.

According to the site, the new interface “makes campaign management faster, clearer, and more intuitive.” As Frederick explains, the new interface was needed as a result of the evolving Web.

For information on both announcements, visit Inside AdWords.

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