How Twitter Can Help You Do Anything (5:54)

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You never know what to expect from Chris Winfeld. So it was really a no surprise to know that he let Twitter do his entire presentation for PubCon South! What’s even better and also no surprise is that Chris’s presentation was full of valuable information that people can easily apply.

In this video, Chris explains that the best way to learn about Twitter is to use it, which is why he used the tool to do his presentation.  He asked 4 questions and received around 165 responses over the course of an hour. His questions were:

1.    How does Twitter help you work on a daily basis?
2.    What’s the best thing that’s happened to you professionally because of Twitter?
3.    How can you use Twitter to increase traffic and ultimately get more business?
4.    What’s your favorite part of the community here?

Some people responded with very serious answers, and others were more light-hearted and funny. Businesses that use Twitter can get instant feedback about what their customers and potential customers think about them. People using Twitter as a personal branding tool can interact with other people that they would have never known if it wasn’t for Twitter.

If Chris had conducted his survey the old-fashioned way, AKA email, he would not have received his results in an hour’s time and also, would not have gotten many of the responses he received. As Chris states, his results show how powerful Twitter actually is. He also proved that Twitter could be used successfully in many different ways.

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