KY Still Pushing Online Gambling Case (3:59)

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The case that struck us here at WebProNews right at home is far from being over. Being from Las Vegas and operating a website affiliated with poker, Attorney Clarke Walton is also greatly interested in the case involving the order to seize a number of gambling domain names. He and Attorney Sarah Bird express their concerns regarding the case as seen in this segment of our legal video series.

You may remember our coverage last year when Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear ordered the seizure of 141 gambling domain names by the state. The case went to court and Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate upheld the Governor’s order. The website owners appealed the ruling and in January of this year, the appellate court reversed Judge Wingate’s ruling saying domain names should not be considered gaming devices.

Clarke refers to this case as a classic example of a state not understanding its state limitations of jurisdiction on the Web. Sarah points out that the Kentucky appellate court’s ruling was based only upon a 2-1 decision. She expresses fear that other states will follow Kentucky’s example and push for action in similar cases.

Despite the ruling, Kentucky is not giving up its fight against the Internet domain names. In a statement released from Governor Beshear’s administration, Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet Secretary J. Michael Brown said:

“The Commonwealth will continue its action to protect Kentucky citizens from illegal Internet gambling operations, and appeal the recent Court of Appeals ruling to the state Supreme Court.”

He went on to say:

“The evidence demonstrated that illegal and unregulated activity is occurring in Kentucky, and that millions of dollars are being lost as a result of that activity…”

WebProNews will continue to keep you updated as this battle continues.

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