Mysteries of Online Video Revealed (7:42)

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Why is video so hot right now? According to Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR, the reason people are creating videos right now is because so many other people are as well. It is simply a chain reaction.

In this video from SES NY, Greg discusses several topics and questions regarding video. Monetization is a hot topic surrounding video since many people struggle with it. On the positive side, initial startup costs are feasible for most users and are only going to get better. Remember the Blendtec campaign? They started with $50 dollars and produced 5 videos, which gave them a 700 percent increase in revenue.

Video can be done on a small budget, but ongoing video campaigns can become expensive. Greg says that each video needs to have its own marketing objective and also be monetized individually. He goes on to say that “every video doesn’t have to go viral to be a success.” Whether or not your business meets your objective is the factor that determines success.

Marketing video is another hot area of interest right now. According to Greg, marketers have to realize that video marketing doesn’t follow traditional marketing standards. He also says marketers need to understand video segmentation. The whole world is not your audience. Businesses do not need to attract a mass audience to meet their goals. Instead, they need to determine who their target market is, and then act accordingly.

Advertising and video have had their fair share of differences from the beginning of the online video boom. Greg says the ad’s placement isn’t the challenging issue. However, the relevancy of the ad’s placement is what really matters. Video advertising will get easier and better and Greg indicates that that time is not too far down the road.

All this information and more is featured in Greg Jarboe’s upcoming book, YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day that is set to be published in August.

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