Content Monetization: What Not To Do (4:21)

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During this time in our economy everyone is trying to figure out a way to both  save and make a buck. Jennifer Slegg, also known as JenSense, is well versed in monetizing online content. In this interview, she discusses some of the mistakes many people are making which ultimately prevent them from fully monetizing their content.

Jennifer believes that people are making mistakes because they are in a “freaking-out” mode as a result of the economy. They are so consumed with reaching a monthly quota in order to pay bills and provide for their families, that they are committing serious ad blunders on their site. Jennifer shares a personal experience in which she visited a blog that had 27 300×250-sized ads and only 3 paragraphs of content. Unfortunately, some people think this is effective.

According to Jennifer, a webpage should have a maximum of 3-4 ads on a page, depending upon the rest of the content. In a blog post on a related topic, Jennifer suggests replacing your ads with boxes of the same size but making them an outrageous color. This test proves that if you are more focused on the color than you are on the site’s content, then you likely need to adjust your ad structure.

Another mistake people are making involves running Adsense on sites where it isn’t allowed. If you’ve ever wondered why Google is showing Public Service Announcements on your site rather than targeted ads, you may need to check the Adsense policies to ensure that your site is following the rules. For example, sites that sell goods such as prescription drugs, school essays, tobacco products, and adult content are not allowed to run AdSense on their sites.

To get your ad campaign “right,” Jennifer recommends being creative and innovative. Try adding a border or shadow to your ad units and wrap text around them. Do you have any other creative ideas for integrating ads into content? If so, we would love to hear about your experiences.

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