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Everyone knows the importance of conversions. If your website isn’t getting conversions, then your business is in trouble because you aren’t making a profit. In this video, Dr. Karl Blanks of Conversion Rate Experts tells how you can obtain conversions and increase your business revenue.

Ironically, what may seem like the slightest change to a web page could determine whether or not your site is converting. Karl shares one example of how these changes tripled the revenue of one business in a single year’s time. Getting conversions boils down to making measurable changes to your website.

While every site is different and has various needs, there are some common mistakes people make. Headlines, testimonials, and usability are all big factors that affect conversions. According to Karl, the biggest mistake people make is not finding out why they aren’t getting conversions.

If businesses don’t find their faults in the beginning, then no matter how many changes they implement, they still may not convert. Karl says improvements only work if they’re appropriate.

As with any change that is made, it needs to be tested. Karl says his company favors A/B testing or split testing, but also points out, “Much more important than how you test pages, is what you test.”

For more information on Dr. Karl Blanks and the techniques of Conversion Rate Experts, visit their site.

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