#FollowFriday: The Fad That Adds Value to Twitter (4:33)

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Since January 16th of this year, Fridays have become a big day for Twitter users. The reason for the hype is a result of the hot trend called #FollowFriday. Micah Baldwin, the Creator of #FollowFriday and the VP of Business Development at Lijit, talks with WebProNews in the above video and tells how he had no idea his one tweet would reach the level it has.

When he sent out that initial tweet, Micah simply wanted to recommend a couple of his friends. As he recalled the experience in a blog post, Micah wrote: “I started thinking about how proud I was to be friends with Danny and Jeffrey, and more people should follow them on Twitter.”

Shortly after his tweet went out, Mykl Roventine suggested he add a hashtag to his Follow Friday and from there #FollowFriday began. By the end of that first day, tweets were going out with the hashtag of #FollowFriday nearly every half second.

Many people have found #FollowFriday to be very useful, but recently the trend has received a lot of criticism. We went out and asked few people first-hand how they feel about #FollowFriday. While some were fans of the trend early on, they believe #FollowFriday has turned into name recommendations with no reasons. In response to the negativity, Micah believes #FollowFriday has gotten away from his original intention. He says a #FollowFriday should consist of a name(s) followed by a short reason for the recommendation.

What do you think about #FollowFriday? Do you find it useful? Could it be improved? What do you think is in store for the future of #FollowFriday?

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