Consumer's Role in Future of Advertising (7:10)

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Consumer generated media is present everywhere we turn. It’s a natural part of our society and a growing part of business practices, especially in advertising. Jimmy Wales, the Founder of Wikipedia, says this trend will only escalate in the future.

Brands used to fear consumer generated content. Jimmy equates this fear to the early days of the Internet when it consisted primarily of negativity on forums and message boards. Since it has now reached a higher level of quality and credibility, companies see the value in using it.

Brands such as Pepsi and Burger King have embraced consumer generated content through advertising and have received a large response from the community. Jimmy believes that any brand can find a way to advertise using CGM, but each brand has to discover how to interact with the consumer in order to be successful.

So, what’s in store for the future of consumer generated content such as Wikipedia? For starters, we should expect to see a lot more of it. Jimmy also predicts we will see other forms of CGM emerging that will offer even more business opportunities. It will be challenging, but success doesn’t usually come without hard work and innovation.

Speaking specifically about Wikipedia, Jimmy also clarifies what Wikipedia actually is and the reasoning behind Wikia Search shutting down.

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