SEO Still Leading Player in Business Success (4:48)

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Google recently rolled out a few changes regarding Local Search and Google Maps that will help local businesses tremendously. Although local search engines provide valuable information and businesses need to utilize their ability, most users still turn to the major search engines for their answers.

As a result, Google is helping both searchers and local businesses by displaying a Google map and 10 local listings on its first results page even if the searcher hasn’t specified a geographic location.

Before this change, searchers on Google needed to include a geographic indicator such as a city or state, into their query. (e.g., “flowers in San Francisco, CA.”) Now however, searchers on Google can search for “flowers” and the 10 local listings and Google Map will display directly on the first page of results.

As he explains these changes in video above, Matt McGee of, emphasizes the impact they have on small businesses. The modifications Google implemented allow businesses to have additional exposure. These changes also reinforce the power of search engine optimization. Matt says, “SEO and traditional SEO… still is and for the foreseeable future, will continue to be really important for businesses.”

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