Social Networking with a Velvet Rope (3:44)

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Do you know what a velvet rope social network is? To summarize, it is an invitation-only social network as social media expert Chris Brogan explains in the above video. A velvet rope social network creates an “exclusive” feeling. It’s the idea that everyone wants to know what’s on the “inside” and have special privileges.

One example of a velvet rope social network is Sermo, which is designed specifically for physicians. The site’s members discuss medical cases and compare insights and opinions. Sermo is interesting because it doesn’t charge the physicians to be members. Instead, it charges journalists looking for medical answers and companies looking for physician endorsements for their products.

Chris refers to Sermo as a “perfect social network plan.” He also predicts we will see many more velvet rope social networks in the future.

Do you find velvet rope social networks useful? What benefits do you believe velvet rope social networks produce?

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