Tailoring Ad Copy for Each Phase of the Buy Cycle (4:33)

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In this difficult economy, businesses do not have the time and especially the money to waste on ineffective ads. Many times, business neglect to realize that the reason for their ineffective ads could be the ad copy itself.

As Mona Elesseily of Page Zero Media explains above, the process of deciding on ad copy is and should be a slow one. The advertiser needs to think about every aspect of the ad including the headline, product or service features and benefits, call to action, and the offer you will extend.

As you determine the ad copy, you should also consider all the various phases of the buy cycle. At the beginning of the buy cycle, consumers are looking for information and want to assess their options. Toward the end of the buy cycle, consumers are ready to act and will respond to direct and specific ads.

For example, if a consumer is interested in financial services, effective keywords at the beginning of the buy cycle could be “financial planner.” As the consumer gets closer to making a purchase, effective keywords could be “get mutual funds” or “buy 401(k) plan.” It is important to be present during every phase of the buy cycle because if a consumer does not know you exist in the beginning, you most likely will not be able to get them to notice you during the call to action phase.

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