Drastic Changes in the Search Industry and More to Come (9:30)

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Bruce Clay began doing SEO back in 1996. That was before Google. One can only imagine the changes that have taken place since then. In the above video, Bruce recalls many of the changes that have taken place.

He says links were not important then and PPC was not nearly as competitive as it is now. In 1996, users would scan many pages of search results, but now they hardly go past page 1. Overall, the entire search industry has become more competitive. This is due to several reasons including the additional options with social media and the fact that searchers have become savvier.

Bruce says this “evolution” of the industry has brought about improvements, but the downside is that search has become more complex and technical. As search develops, these trends are expected to increase.

As newcomers embrace SEO, Bruce has noticed that they fail to dig deep into the technical and complex side of SEO and he foresees this as a problem. Additionally, while social media integration into SEO will increase over time, Bruce says its purpose has to be better determined.

How have you seen the search industry change? How do you expect it to change in the future?

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