Live Search, Kumo, and Now Bing? (8:05)

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Just before SMX Advanced kicked off, Microsoft announced its new search engine Bing. So, you can only imagine what a hot topic it was at the show. People had many opinions consisting of good, bad, and indifferent reactions to the search engine.

As Danny Sullivan shared with us, it’s interesting that users are discovering features from Bing that in fact, Microsoft already had. Users simply didn’t know they existed on Live Search. Also, users seem to have forgotten that the other search engines have many of the exact same features as Bing, and some even more.

In an article, Danny wrote that Microsoft was able to do a product demo of its offerings, but Google and Yahoo didn’t have the same opportunity, nor did they really need it when they launched. If they did one now, he predicts that even tech-savvy people would be surprised at what all they can do.

And what about the name, Bing? Danny said he was a bit surprised to find that it simply says “Bing” and not “Bing from Microsoft” on the homepage. Microsoft however, does not seem to be concerned with the branding aspect and has launched a very large ad campaign to market their new product.

What do you think about Bing? Do you like the name? What improvements have you seen to the product?

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