Using StumbleUpon to Drive More Traffic (4:32)

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If a social media expert devotes an entire presentation to one social website, he must truly believe in its benefits. That is exactly the case with Brent Csutoras and StumbleUpon. Brent has been talking about StumbleUpon lately and why he thinks people should invest their time in the service. StumbleUpon has received some criticism in the past couple of years, but Brent says the service is on the right path now and has a bright future.

Over the past year, StumbleUpon has made several positive changes to its services. It has “caught up” with the other social sites by launching a Web-based toolbar, including related content into review pages, and adding StumbleUpon buttons for webmasters to incorporate into their sites, among other things. In addition, StumbleUpon recently released a url shortener that allows for further content exposure and more.

According to Brent, these features allow SU to interact more with their users and allow users to receive better results from the service. He says these changes let users draw anywhere from 30,000-200,000 unique visitors to a site in a week’s time. That’s a lot of traffic!

Have you noticed how StumbleUpon has changed over the past year? Is it providing its users with more effective services? How has StumbleUpon improved your website?

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