Consumers Frustrated with Online Advertising (2:39)

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At Fortune magazine’s Brainstorm Tech conference last week, several large media companies admitted that the future success of advertising would be a result of reaching customers online. Among the companies represented were The Walt Disney Company, AOL, News Corp., and others.

The advertising market has clearly suffered during the recession and ad budgets are continuing to be cut. Therefore, media companies have had to reassess their objectives and now believe that targeted Internet marketing is the solution to their advertising woes.

But how do consumers feel about advertisers focusing more of their efforts online? According to a study conducted by the LinkedIn Research Network and Harris Interactive, it appears that consumers are not exactly thrilled with the initiative. The study found that 80 percent of the more than 2,000 consumers surveyed said online formats that extend over the page and hide content are “very frustrating.” In addition, consumers said the same about pop-up ads and ads that open once they are moused over.

Although the media companies claim to be aware of these frustrations and realize that TV-style ads are not working, how will they attempt to engage and connect with consumers in the future?

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