Is Social Media Making Us Less Social Offline? (4:28)

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If you need to contact a friend or colleague, how do you do it? Do you go see them, call them, email them, or use some form of the social Internet? Although answers may vary, using the social Web as a primary form of communication is becoming a growing trend. A study conducted by Pew Internet and American Life Project found that 7 percent of Americans rely solely on the Internet for the majority of their social communication.

But does this mean that as we become more social online, that we become less social offline? Kim Krause Berg, who has studied this area extensively, said:

“We’re actually becoming more social on a broader, more global scale… we’re talking to more people, we’re connecting with more people because we have the ability to do so… and we’re not so sure what to think about it.”

According to Kim, the social Web is very fascinating to us because it is still in the baby stages. In addition, we’re still trying to figure out how to use it. Users should be aware that challenges and conflicts do exist in the social Web but need to learn how to balance them with their everyday lives. Remember that the social Web was meant to make people more social, not less.

Are you so involved with the social Web that you are becoming antisocial offline? At social gatherings, do you spend more time connected to the social Web through your mobile device or communicating with the individuals around you?

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