Do You Depend on Social Media? (2:48)

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Twitter experienced a severe outage last week that left the site down for several hours. It was later revealed that the microblogging service was the target of a distributed denial-of-service attack as well as Facebook, LiveJournal, and certain Google websites.

The evidence gathered at this point seems to indicate that the attack has ties to a political controversy. The incident is allegedly linked to the ongoing disputes involving Russia and Georgia.

What’s somewhat surprising about this situation is how much of an impact it had on Twitter and other social media users. Businesses, celebrities, and protesters all use various social media websites.

Social media has become a largeĀ  part of everyday and business life. When it is taken away, how do you react? Have you grown dependent on social media? When social networks are down, is it simply an annoyance or does it alter your entire day?

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