Embracing Real-Time Marketing (4:56)

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Real-time search is on everyone’s mind these days. Celebrities and large companies alike have jumped on the bandwagon and are just as passionate about sites like Twitter as anyone else is. When Twitter went down recently, this passion was demonstrated in the way users reacted.

People realize how useful real-time information is. What about the concept of real-time marketing and what does it mean exactly? According to Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing, real-time marketing is actually search itself and contextual ads that show up.

He goes on to say that what is emerging from real-time marketing is the idea of using a social graph to look at relationships, and then using that information to reach consumers through advertising. Since there are privacy issues associated with the social graph, marketers have to be careful with their behavioral targeting.

As an advertiser, what has been your experience with this relatively new concept? On the marketing side, how does the consumer react?

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