Keeping SEO Business Alive (4:40)

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The recession has had a significant impact on the business sector as a whole. Some businesses have actually seen changes for the good, while others have unfortunately, faced many difficult changes. Although the recession has not tremendously impacted the business of SEO, it has brought on a new set of challenges.

As Amanda Watlington shares, SEO business has seen budgets cut, managers shifting their budgets to see where the value lies, and slow closing processes. In addition, some SEO consultants are focusing so much of their time on retaining their large clients that they neglect the smaller potential clients. Watlington offers this advice:

“We, as business people, have to watch that we don’t let bad work drive out good.”

On the positive side, the field of SEO has seen some increases in business. The paid search front has especially been favored because it is so measurable.

Watlington however, still believes in the business of SEO in spite of the many challenges associated with the economic climate. She says:

“Search still, in 10 years, is still to me the best game in town.”

How has the economy affected your business? What advice do you offer to other SEO consultants?

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