Taking Search Advertising to the Next Level (8:46)

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Search advertising has been a very successful business within search engine marketing. But can it be improved moving forward? Nick Fox, the Business Product Management Director of Google AdWords, thinks it can and extends three challenges to change the future of the search advertising business. They are:

1.    Can we go beyond keywords?
2.    Can we go beyond text ads?
3.    Can we go beyond cost-per-click (CPC)?

Fox suggests that instead of “guessing” on keywords, matching the advertiser’s actual business objectives directly with the action the users are trying to do. For text ads, why not change the ad format to include items such as maps, video, directions, and more since users are accustomed to those enhancements in their searches.

To go beyond cost-per-click, Fox advocates the idea of cost-per-acquisition or pay-per-conversion systems. Advertisers do not simply want visitors to their site, but instead, want to see business results such as sales and relationships. Google’s Conversion Optimizer is one step in moving toward this direction.

While keywords, text ads, and cost-per-click have all worked well in the past, there is always room to boost the experience for both the advertisers and the users.

What direction would you like to see search advertising take in the future?

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